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Weighted Plates / Farm Plates

Documents needed for renewal of weighted tags:

  • Proof of insurance, certificate of registration
  • Payment of taxes due and the estimated weight of the truck combined with the weight of the trailer combined also with the average weight of the load being transported
  • Form # 2290 may also be needed

Farm Tags 

As of March 1, 2012:

  • You MUST designate 026 lbs. or 038 lbs. on ALL Farm  Tags and the customer must sign the registration.
  • 026 Farm Tags are exempt from medical certificates and safety  operations annual inspections.
  • 026 Farm Tags NOT going out of state are exempt from a DOT number.
  • 038 Farm Tags MUST have a DOT number and the name on the truck.
  • If your GVWR is 10,001 or more you MUST have a DOT number regardless of type of plate on the truck.

The $10.00 optional contribution is divided equally between 4-H, FFA and the Kentucky Proud Programs. 

DOT MGR David Marcum: (502) 863-2124

Kentucky State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement, CVE Region 3: 502-863-4559  KSP/CVE: 502-782-1800

State Laws & Administrative Regulations:

Federal Regulations and USDOT Information: