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Q: What do I need to transfer the title of a vehicle?
A: The following items are required:

  • You must have your actual title to transfer ownership of a vehicle.  If you have lost your title, you must order a duplicate.
  • If you are doing a “title only” transfer, you must bring the plate from the vehicle being transferred.
  • A faxed insurance card will be accepted.  It must show the NAIC insurance code or company code.  It must have at least one name listed that is on the title.  It has to match.

Q: How often must I renew my motor vehicle license?
A: Motor vehicle licenses must be renewed annually and any sale of a motor vehicle must be registered/transferred within 15 days of purchase.  If a vehicle is sold out of the state of KY, you need to notify our office of that sale.  This is done by returning the plate to our office and/or filling out an affidavit of non-exchange. (Form: TC96-167)

Q: Can I transfer a vehicle title in another county?
A: The transfer of a vehicle can be preformed in the county of the seller or the county of the buyer.

Q: What vehicle property taxes am I responsible for?
A: If you have a vehicle, boat, or trailer in your name on January 1st of the given year, you are responsible for the property taxes for the whole year.  Even if the vehicle is sold before the month of renewal, you are still liable for the property taxes on it.

Q: How do I obtain a Marriage License?
A: To obtain a marriage license the bride and groom need to come into the office together.  You must know the city and state where you were born, your mothers maiden name, and your social security number.  The license is only valid for 30 days, only for the Commonwealth of KY.

Q: How do I register a car I bought outside of Kentucky?
A: If you are buying a car from outside of the Commonwealth of KY, you must have a separate form from our office.  This form is TC 96-182 –Application for Kentucky certificate of title/registration.  It requires the sellers name to be notarized to attest to the selling price.  A bill of sale will not be accepted.