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We believe it is our responsibility to serve the people of Henry County to the utmost of our ability according to the law.  Your County Clerk’s Office serves your needs on recording deeds, mortgages, leases, marriage licenses, as well as all other legal recordings concerning real estate.  Henry County Clerk's Office also serves your needs for all vehicle registrations and titling, tax collection on motor vehicles and insurance verification; we also are your voter registrar and conduct all elections held in the county.

We hope this website will provide you with valuable information.  This is one more way that we are trying to improve our services.  Many questions can be answered, the forms you need, may be downloaded and printed.   No need to wait until we are open.  This is available for you, at your fingertips, 24 hours a day!

We are committed to preserving all of your records from yesterday and all of today’s records for tomorrow and future generations.  Everyone in this office is dedicated to serving the people of Henry County.  Please feel free to come by or call, and let us answer any other questions you may have about our services.

Office Hours

8:00am – 5:30pm*

Tuesday – Friday
8:00am – 4:00pm*

*Note: The office will remain open ½ hour longer for end of day procedures and consultations.

Due to the size of our office all employees, at any given time, may assist with any service our office provides.   Please call if you have any other questions. We will be glad to help you.


Contact Information

Henry County Clerk
PO Box  615
New Castle, KY  40050

27 South Property Road
(overnight mail)

(502) 845-5705 - Office
(502) 845-5708 - Fax


Last Updated 4/14/2010